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What is Alloderm?

Alloderm is a human derived tissue graft that is used for facial reconstruction, breast reconstruction and most commonly used in hernia repair. Recent studies have reported adverse side effects due to the Alloderm mesh including injury to nearby organs, blood vessels and adherence to intestines. Due to these reports the manufacturer of Alloderm, LifeCell, issued a voluntary recall in 2005. Complications that have been found in hernia repair include mesh erosion, mesh tear, adhesion to nearby organs and perforations in the mesh. If you or someone you know has experienced the symptoms mentioned, you should see your physician immediately. As well, you should contact an attorney who has experience with Alloderm to review the facts of your case and help determine if you have a claim.

What are my Legal Rights?

If you have received an Alloderm implant for hernia repair, you legal rights are affected. By consulting with an experienced Alloderm attorney, you can:

  • Be eligible for legal representation at no cost to you.
  • Be kept informed of health risks and solutions if you have been harmed by Alloderm.
  • Be entitled to monetary compensation, including medical bills, pain and suffering, and other expenses.

"Thanks for taking the time to listen to my details and assist me with my paperwork, I could not have finished this case without my attorney's help."

$XXX,XXX Confidential Settlement Melissa R., Nevada

"I appreciate all your firm did for me and my family to help us recover for our bills and explain our legal options in getting a settlement. I'm very glad you were able to resolve our case after so much time."

$XXX,XXX Confidential Settlement Ryan M, Washington

"I've been really satisfied with all the work done by my attorney, and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone dealing with medical problems from hernia surgery like mine."

Bench Trial Helen A. , Ft. Worth, Texas

Our Alloderm Attorneys can help you if you or a Loved one have been Harmed

Having Experienced Legal Representation can mean the difference between a successful claim and recovery of monetary payment, or a lifetime of serious and expensive side effects. Your chances of a successful case for your injuries depend on an experienced team for your legal representation.

Ongoing medical problems from faulty hernia repair operations can cause missed work, increased risk of injury, additional surgeries, and pain and discomfort. Our attorneys focus on getting you the recovery you are entitled to, and do not charge any up-front fee to analyze your case.

Fill out the form above if you or a loved one have received a surgically implanted Alloderm for hernia repair, even if you haven?t experienced any side effects yet. One of our trained legal professionals will examine your case and work with you to educate you and provide you with the representation you deserve.

Act Now to Protect Your Legal Rights

Don?t face an uncertain future of potential side effects, costly further medical procedures, and uncompensated pain or suffering. Fill out this no-obligation form, and get the assistance you deserve. Our legal professionals will go to work right away to evaluate your claim and educate you on your options.