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Why You Need an AlloDerm Lawsuit Lawyer Now

The AlloDerm hernia repair patch consists of biologic tissue that is placed under or over a muscle defect. The mesh supports the muscle wall and relieves the discomfort and other symptoms associated with the presence of a hernia. During the repair surgery, the physician places the mesh on the defect and keeps it in place with stitches or staples. As the patient heals, new tissue grows around the hernia repair patch. This reduces pain and discomfort associated with changing positions or making other movements. Unfortunately, some patients who received an AlloDerm hernia repair patch have an increased risk of serious complications.

Why Hire an AlloDerm Lawyer?

If you experience the serious consequences of a defective AlloDerm hernia repair patch, you will likely need additional surgery or some other type of medical intervention. You should not have to bear the burden of paying for these additional expenses, especially if they were caused by a defective patch. An AlloDerm lawyer can file a lawsuit on your behalf and walk you through the process of fighting the manufacturer for the compensation you deserve.

Getting Compensation

Someone who has a defective AlloDerm hernia repair patch has much more to worry about than the medical expenses associated with multiple surgeries. Some of the complications caused by defective patches cause severe pain and discomfort. This leads to less time available to earn a living, spend time with family or participate in activities you enjoy. Your AlloDerm lawyer will determine how much money you deserve for your pain and suffering, lost wages and loss of household services.

Fighting for Justice

The makers of mesh hernia repair patches have large legal teams and very deep pockets. They are willing to fight tooth and nail to prevent a plaintiff from winning a lawsuit against them. Hiring an AlloDerm lawyer does not guarantee that you will win your case, but it does improve your chances of winning. An experienced AlloDerm lawyer knows how to develop the best case strategy and understands the complex laws governing this type of lawsuit. Without a lawyer on your side, you run the risk of missing out on important information that could cause you to lose your case.

Selecting an AlloDerm Lawyer

When you're ready to hire an AlloDerm lawyer, look for someone who has experience handling cases related to defective medical products. Ask about the attorney's record for winning this type of case. If the attorney you meet with has never won a similar case, consult with other attorneys until you find one with a track record of success. Discuss fees and payment arrangements up front to ensure that you will not have any issues in the middle of your case. Provide all information requested by your attorney to help the lawyer develop a case strategy. You may be asked to provide medical records, contact information for possible witnesses and other information.

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