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Top Five Things To Know Before Filing An AlloDerm Lawsuit

LifeCell originally developed the AlloDerm skin graft in 1994. The material for this graft comes from the skin cells of cadavers but undergoes additional processing before use. Physicians typically use these skin grafts to repair hernias and aid in tissue reconstruction after mastectomy. Some physicians also use the grafts in those who have severe injuries or burns. AlloDerm patches have been linked to pain, inflammation, infection, swelling, abscesses, and other complications in some patients. If you plan to file an AlloDerm lawsuit, you should have several pieces of information on hand before contacting an attorney.

Source of Graft Mesh

LifeCell issued a voluntary recall for some of the biologic mesh in 2005. The recall only covers specific lots of mesh produced with tissue provided by a company called Biomedical Tissue Services. Anyone considering an AlloDerm lawsuit should find out where the mesh came from. If it did not come from Biomedical Tissue Services, you may not have a case.

Names of Medical Personnel

The physicians, nurse practitioners, and other professionals who took care of you before, during, and after your surgery may be called to testify if you file a lawsuit. Be prepared to provide your lawyer with a list of names and current contact information. You should include the name of your current doctor if he or she has recommended removal of the graft.

Information on Complications

If you have experienced complications as the result of your graft surgery, write these complications down. Examples of graft-related complications include infection, abscess, and the need to have the graft removed.

Recurrence Information

Even if you did not experience pain, discomfort or other complications, the fact that the graft did not repair your hernia adequately should be shared with your attorney. Before you file an AlloDerm lawsuit, gather information about the recurrence. The recurrence may have been caused by mesh erosion, mesh perforation, mesh rear, or the use of defective mesh. This information will help your attorney determine the best strategy for your case.

Medical Bills or Estimates

If you had revision surgery or have been informed of the need for revision surgery due to the use of AlloDerm mesh, gather all of the medical bills related to the revision surgery. This includes charges for hospital accommodations, operating room use, nursing care, medications, diagnostic procedures, and surgical care. If you did not have the procedure yet, get an estimate of how much the procedure will cost. This information can help prove that a defective AlloDerm patch resulted in significant financial costs.

Gathering this information before speaking with an attorney will save you time and frustration. This information can help your legal team decide the best course of action if you decide to file an AlloDerm lawsuit to recover compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering, and other issues.

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