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The most common hernias develop in the abdomen due to a weakness in the abdominal wall through which an organ or tissue protrudes. Hernias are repaired surgically by restoring tissue to its original location and reinforcing the weakened muscle tissue. Many surgeons have chosen procedures using several types of mesh products. Hernia mesh patches, designed to promote new tissue growth, are eventually absorbed into the body.

The use of hernia mesh has been linked to severe medical complications, including bowel perforations, bowel obstruction and damage to surrounding organs and tissues. Numerous personal and class action lawsuits have been filed in the United States alleging that severe complications have resulted from the use of hernia mesh patches. It is alleged that manufacturers have continued to promote the products despite recalls and warnings of serious injuries and deaths.

LifeCell Corporation, the manufacturer of the AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix hernia patch has come under intense scrutiny by the United States Food and Drug Administration, known as the FDA, due to unsafe processing practices. AlloDerm was initially developed to provide soft tissue replacement in complicated hernia procedures. AlloDerm mesh is developed from donor tissue surgically removed from cadavers. The sterilization and purification process removes living cells that could potentially cause graft failure and infection. AlloDerm patches are designed with a matrix system consisting of elastin, collagen and proteins intended to support tissue regeneration and cell growth. According to FDA reports, AlloDerm use has been linked to severe complications, including injury to internal organs and tissues. Intestines have been irreparably damaged due to problems with the adhesive material used during AlloDerm placement. Lawsuits have alleged the breakdown of internal organs and tissues due to breakage of the recoil ring. In September 2005, LifeCell Corporation initiated a voluntary recall of AlloDerm products based on discrepancies contained in donor documentation records received from a tissue recovery service.

Class action lawsuits and personal injury claims have been brought against C.R. Bard, Inc. and Davol, Inc., manufacturers of the Bard Composix Kugel Mesh patch. Reports surfaced in 2002 regarding breakage of the recoil ring surrounding the mesh device, causing organ failure, bowel perforations, intestinal obstructions and widespread infections. Despite three FDA recalls of the Kugel hernia mesh patch, Davol, Inc. continued to manufacture and promote the product. C.R. Bard, in an attempt to mitigate its financial liability, recently extended settlement offers to approximately 2,600 plaintiffs for amounts approaching $184 million.

Anyone who has undergone hernia repair surgery with the use of AlloDerm or Kugel hernia mesh products should seek legal advice immediately. An attorney with a thorough knowledge of hernia mesh products will perform a comprehensive analysis and advocate for rightful and just financial compensation necessary for reimbursement of medical expenses, lost wages and potential loss of future earnings. An attorney with expertise in the area of product liability, personal injury and medical malpractice is best equipped to obtain the best possible settlement for injuries resulting from hernia mesh product defects.

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