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What Are the Complications Associated With the Hernia Repair Patch?

Hernia repair patches consist of biologic or synthetic mesh used to cover the abdominal wall defects that cause hernias. During the repair procedure, a surgeon places the mesh patch on the defect and secures it with staples or stitches. As the patient recovers, new tissue grows around the patch. One of the main benefits of these patches is that they are flexible, which means fewer potential problems for patients when they change positions. Although mesh hernia repair patches have benefits for some patients, they have been linked to serious complications.

Mesh Erosion

If hernia repair mesh erodes, it can migrate into muscle tissue in other areas of the body. In cases of umbilical hernia repair, eroded mesh can migrate into the muscle of the bladder, leading to urinary problems and significant discomfort.

Ring Breakage Some patches have a recoil ring that can break under stress. Ring breakage can cause an intestinal fistula to form or even cause a rupture of the bowel. These are serious conditions that require medical intervention, leading to additional expenses and a longer recovery time.

Hernia Recurrence

Hernia repair patch complications increase the risk for hernia recurrence. This means that a patient who underwent hernia repair surgery in the past may need additional surgery to control problems associated with the presence of a hernia.

Mesh Tear

In some patients who receive hernia repair surgeries, the mesh used to perform the repair tears. This tearing increases the risk of infection and hernia recurrence. Patients who experience mesh tearing need additional surgery to correct the problem.

Mesh Perforations

Mesh perforations sometimes occur in the patches used to repair hernias. These perforations may weaken the surrounding tissue, increasing the risk for hernia recurrence.

Failure to Heal Properly

In successful mesh repair cases, the patient's new tissue grows around the mesh patch. In some patients, the patch fails to adhere to the abdominal defect. This weakens the surrounding tissues and increases the risk for hernia recurrence.

Perforated Organs

Ring breakage and other hernia repair patch complications increase the risk of perforated organs. Organ perforation is a medical emergency and requires immediate treatment. The surgery for perforated organs may cause other complications and require long recovery periods. This can lead to lost wages, time away from school, inability to perform normal daily activities and other consequences.

Patients injured by defective hernia repair patches may be able to file lawsuits to recover for mental anguish, physical pain, medical expenses, lost earning capacity and lost wages. Contacting an attorney with experience in handling defective medical products cases should be the first step in exploring whether to file a lawsuit. An experienced attorney can review your circumstances and determine if you have a viable case.

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